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Teacher recruitment and career intentions during the COVID-19 pandemic
What does your school do to support the menopause? This, health and safety measures and parents' evenings...
Do you embrace unread emails or does it make you scream? This and other findings...
How your number of siblings affects your teaching confidence! This and other findings...
How do you rate yourself as a teacher? And other findings this week...
Ofsted, performance pay, and gender-neutral toilets: this week's findings!
If you like yellow marker pens, are you even a teacher? (This and many other findings...)
Should vaccines be mandatory for pupils? And other findings!
Academic Year 2021-22 is GO! How are you feeling about it?
Start of term, results week and the continuation of bullet-tip vs chisel tip!
What happened in schools in a bumper results week?
Who goes to school in the summer holidays? 🤔