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Homework Contracts: A good or bad idea?

01 November 2017

A small but cool finding this week highlighted the difference in sentiment between secondary and primary schools when it comes to homework contracts.

Homework is always contentious and we have a number of questions scheduled on it.

But first we looked at parents signing contracts and found…


A. Teachers in schools that did have homework contracts typically didn’t like them

In primary schools, twice as many teachers felt it was a waste of time as felt it was useful. In secondary schools, slightly more teachers supported the contracts, but they were still outnumbered by those who thought it was pointless.

B. BUT lots of teachers in schools that do not use homework contracts would like them introduced

Among secondary teachers, there was a fairly even divide between those who did and did not want contracts introduced. At primary, the overwhelming feeling was that they should not be introduced. It is interesting that so many secondary teachers wanted contracts even though opinion is against them among those who knoew better.

A classic case of the grass looking greener elsewhere?




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