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Hot drinks, pigeonholes and… what does the future hold for young people?

27 April 2021

Oof. Spring is ticking by and it’s one of those terms where it’s head down and keep on going time! Thank you for continuing to take part in Teacher Tapp throughout this period. We are settling back into doing questions about school life and we’re working on a range of research questions in upcoming weeks to think about what your ideal school might look like in future!

But, until then…

1. The ingredients of a good life

Speaking of the future: what are the ingredients of a good life? And will young people have these ingredients in the future? The new Children’s Commissioner is grappling with these questions at the moment. But what do you think?

First: here’s what you think is most important for young people to have a good life (green in the chart), plus what you’re worried young people won’t have in the future (purple).

As you can see, 8 in 10 of you think it’s important that your students have good mental and physical health yet 6 in 10 fear that your students might not have this in the future. Living in a society where people are treated equally / fairly was another area that you thought was both important and which you worried might not be available.

BUT, there are two areas you are not worried about… your students having good friends and achieving a good education. It seems that in these areas, you believe the future generation is in safe hands.

Similar questions are currently being put to young people via the Children’s Commissioner’s Big Ask… it’ll be interesting to see how the results compare when they are published later in the year.

2. Fancy a brew?

It’s morning break, and a colleague offers to make you a hot drink. What do you ask for?

Three-quarters of you would ask for a tea or a coffee… but which is more popular? Well, coffee (38%) just edged into first place (tea was 36%). This is a power grab from last time we asked in 2020 when tea (38%) beat coffee (37%). In 2020 the question was asked in February, so maybe it depends on the season?!

It might also depend on where you are… If your staffroom is in London or the East of England, the kettle is more likely to be on for a cuppa, but in all other parts of the country* the staffroom will be filled with the aroma of freshly brewing coffee / the tinkle of instant coffee grounds [delete as appropriate].

*The exception being the South West where teachers are just as likely to request tea as coffee… what are the odds! 

3. Do you have a pigeonhole?

Pigeonholes at work feel like an old-fashioned throwback…. but it appears that school staffrooms are the one place you’ll still find them! 7 in 10 of you told us you have a pigeonhole at schools BUT only 2 in 10 of you check it each day!

Newer teachers are the least likely to check the pigeonhole daily. Just 15% teachers who’ve been in the profession less than 5 years check it each day compared to 26% of teachers with over 20 years’ experience.

Pigeonholes are more common in secondary schools (88%) than primary (60%). And the likelihood of encountering one also seems to vary depending on where you are in the country. Schools in the East of England being most likely to have one (80%) whereas schools in the North West are least likely (64%).

And what do you get in your pigeonhole? Well, it seems (sensibly) nothing urgent! On the day we checked, of those of you who received a message with a task to follow up on, only 3% got that information via your pigeonhole compared to 93% of you that got the message via email… although twice as many headteachers got a pigeonhole message than anyone else!

4. The £10 vouchers are back…

Many of you have been stocking up on John Catt books with your 50% off voucher – woohoo! Keep reading!

Don’t forget that once you hit the 300 eligible questions bar, you will also receive a £10 voucher. This can be used to get cash off any books in the Teacher Tapp range on the John Catt site.

NOTE: You can’t use both vouchers at once. That would be too much of a good thing.

5. Finally, job time!

It’s that time of year when people are looking for and applying for new teaching jobs so over the coming weeks we will be asking questions about recruitment. The answers will help us look at how weird recruitment was last year, and compare this year to normal pandemic times. Is recruitment recovered or is it still a bit strange? Keep tapping to let us know!

6. Finally, finally… Time for tips

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